Which Navionics chart is best for me

Which Navionics Chart is best for Me?


  • Download your own or pre-loaded option for US & Canada
  • Access to any of our chart data within the region you purchase
  • All the benefits of Gold


  • ​​SonarChart™ - Navionics high-definition bathymetric maps reflecting ever-changing conditions
  • Freshest Data compatible

Navionics Platinum+

  • Pre-loaded Nautical Chart, SonarChart™ and full Platinum+ features
  • 3D and Satellite Overlay
  • Panoramic Port Pictures
  • Dynamic Tides & Currents
  • Freshest Data compatible

Navionics Gold

  • Pre-loaded
  • Nautical Chart
    • Essential chart detail - public and private sources, as well as our own surveys
    • Easy-to-use - including port plans, selectable safety contours, service phone numbers and more.
  • Community Edits
    • hundred of thousands of edits from the Navionics Community viewable on select GPS chart plotters
  • Available for areas throughout the World
  • Freshest Data compatible