Admiralty Commercial Charts

The Admiralty provide mariners a range of over 3300 Standard Nautical Charts and a wide range of thematic charts for specialist requirements.

Admiralty standard nautical charts comply with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) regulations and are ideal for professional, commercial and recreational use. Charts within the series consist of a range of scales, useful for passage planning, ocean crossings, coastal navigation and entering port.

Mariners should always use the largest scale nautical chart appropriate to their needs. In particularly busy seaways such as the English Channel, Gulf of Suez and the Malacca and Singapore Straits, the standard nautical charts are supplemented by mariners’ routeing guides which provide advise on route planning in these complex areas.

Charts’s & Publications Fairway Scheme

The “Fairway” Scheme of outfit management is designed to provide an efficient, cost-effective solution to the problems of maintaining navigation information to the highest standards on board. Ever faster turnaround in port, lower manning levels, increased vigilance by the inspecting authorities around the world, and your own desire to run a safe, efficient ship, dictate that we provide not only charts and publications quickly and efficiently but also assist in ensuring that the latest corrections and amendments are received on board regularly. By sending only the information required by a particular vessel, outfit maintenance is greatly simplified and therefore faster and less error-prone.

  • Supply
    As Admiralty “International” Agents we hold world stocks of charts and these are issued correct up to date of despatch. We also hold stocks of the latest editions of Admiralty, IMO, ICS, ITU, Lloyd’s, Browns etc., publications and can obtain any title which is in print within a short time. Despatch of orders is generally within twenty four hours, delivery is free to offices, agents and vessels in Felixstowe and at cost by post or courier for orders despatched daily worldwide.
  • Auto-supply
    Our New Edition service is very flexible and can cover any chart or publication which individual Masters decide that they wish to carry. Delivery will always be arranged by the most cost-effective method possible (again free to vessels visiting Felixstowe). The prices of all charts and publications are those listed by the various publishers and are subject to special terms by negotiation depending on volume.